Anzali aquarium zoo

Anzali aquarium zoo of gilan

Anzali Aquarium Resort and Recreation Complex as Tourist Attraction with an area of about one hectare was launched in early summer of 1397. This huge aquarium is built in four floors. Anzali Aquarium is a newly founded aquarium with the largest aquarium tunnel in the country with a length of more than 40 meters and with more than 400 species of aquarium fish and beautiful and rare reptiles, which have been collected from around the world, to one of the most attractive recreational areas in the region.

anzali aquarium

anzali aquarium

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About Anzali Aquarium

Free zone port of Anzali has become the second aquarium tunnel built in Iran after the Isfahan Aquarium. The aquarium's glass thickness is 18 cm, and one of its distinctive advantages is 360-degree visibility, so that visitors can watch it from every angle to swim coarse or fine fish. The Aquarium Anzali complex has been opened with the latest technology in the world and advanced equipment with the aim of developing tourism as well as the economic prosperity of Anzali Free Zone.

Fish and Reptile of Anzali Aquarium

The Anzali Aquarium displays a variety of beautiful animal kingdoms by displaying a variety of beautiful and colorful ocean fishes, massive sharks, penguins that are first featured in Iran, and reptiles and amphibian tortoises in marine and non-marine habitats. Has formed. Most of these beautiful fish are brought to this place from the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, but in general, most of them are native to the waters of Iran.

In addition to fish and aquatic animals, part of the Anzali Aquarium collection is a reef-lands garden, in which a variety of crocodiles of various races, Iranian and foreign snakes, Iguana and the Comodo dragon are seen. This collection gives you a different experience for fun and excursion among the living beasts of the entire world. Alert boards are installed throughout the path of the Reptile's Garden, which should be taken into consideration, and during the visit, it should be avoided to hit the aquarium glass.

Another attraction of the aquarium is the ability to feed fish that can be enjoyable for lovers and aquatic enthusiasts. Also, anyone can record snapshots with their cameras from swimming and dancing of fish and reptiles. There is also the possibility to provide professional photographs of visitors in the special room at this place.

Other Anzali Aquarium Facilities

One of the recreational facilities at Anzali Beach Aquarium is the bowling halls and computer games set up on the third floor of the complex and has its own fans. This collection is dedicated to the special games of children, teenage and youth games, which in total provides a happy and fun space for tourists interested in sports and group games.

Other Anzali Aquarium facilities include stylish restaurants with a variety of seafood and traditional cuisine, hot and cold drinks along with taverns, fully equipped suites, and numerous shops in commercial and service areas.

Anzali Aquarium Address

Bandar Anzali, inside the trade and tourism phase of Anzali Free Zone, behind the Venus Passage, next to the Bird Garden, Anzali Aquarium Collection.

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