Best zoos in Iran

tehran birds garden zoo

Tehran's birds garden as Tourist Attraction with an area of 17 hectares, One of the largest birds in the Middle East, Located in one of the beautiful forest parks in Tehran, Lavizan Park and You can watch a spectacular collection of 3,000 different birds from around the world. In this garden you can watch the birds fly in a relatively open environment and enjoy their presence in nature.

Anzali aquarium zoo of gilan

Anzali Aquarium Resort and Recreation Complex as Tourist Attraction with an area of about one hectare was launched in early summer of 1397. This huge aquarium is built in four floors. Anzali Aquarium is a newly founded aquarium with the largest aquarium tunnel in the country with a length of more than 40 meters and with more than 400 species of aquarium fish and beautiful and rare reptiles, which have been collected from around the world, to one of the most attractive recreational areas in the region.

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Most Beautiful Zoo and Aquarium in Iran

Zoos in Iran

The Zoo is called a man-made artificial habitat where wild and domesticated animals are kept. The overall goal is to gather living animals in an environment similar to the natural habitat, to create a healthy environment for leisure time, especially for children and adolescents, to connect nature and urban life, to create a sense of interest in nature and biodiversity, and to raise public awareness and to stimulate public opinion about recognizing part of the natural resources and to create incentives to protect it.

Different zoos have been built in different cities in Iran, some of which are home to different animals, some of which include more restricted and specialized species.

In the past, the most important purpose of establishing a zoo was to create entertainment for kings and emirs, meaning that kings from countries such as Greece, Iran and the Islamic world would gather and spend their leisure time to glorify their court. They kept animals like lions, tigers and elephants.

After his travels to Europe, Nasser al-Din Shah became interested in zoos and animals, so he chose the site of Doshan Tappeh , where he built a magnificent mansion and built a lake using aqueducts. He built the Doshan Tappeh Zoo, a place of recreation for the king and housed a collection of Iranian lions and Mazandaran tigers, two animals that no longer exist in Iran(even in the zoos).

Aquariums in Iran

You don't have to travel around the world to see most beautiful and rare species of the world's fish. Just go to the collection of aquariums made in Iran. Where it holds more than thousands of marine life. The wide and long tunnel, whose sides and ceiling are lined with aquarium glass, unlike the usual tunnels, so that within a few hours of walking in this aquarium tunnel, you can see the most beautiful and scarce marine species in the ocean. Experience.